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Spring/Summer 2023

The sun shone unto the highly saturated walls of a cafe in the heart of KL --- perfect for Maglifestyle's spring/summer 2023's photoshoot featuring its colorful collection. 
Making sure it covers all occasion, the brand delivered a collection consisting of casual, athleisure, work to evening wear.  Various silhouettes and mixture of materials like tweed, satin, cotton and feathers in bright colors set the tone for a fun and upbeat energy.  
Not forgetting the popular Barbie trend, Maglifestyle paired its signature hot pink designs with one another while playing with different textures; sending a message to customers to not be afraid to go bold.
As the day gets closer to the end, more designs in neutral tones such as whites and browns showed new, interesting ways to wear them such as the white Pocket Shirt paired with the white Elise Skirt. It's all in the details!