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Hence the name matters, this is the most special trip. The inspiration came from a travel show that took us to the Sahara. At the beginning of this year, we were not allowed to travel due to the outbreak of the epidemic, so we watched many TV shows at home every day. One of the most exciting and looking forward to is a travel show that took us to the Sahara, the world’s largest desert. The endless desert, the sheltered sky, the city of wind and sand, the camels and the people here all give us people living in the city a mystery, loneliness, wandering but pure and broken, plain and natural feeling! Some people say that the Sahara is a place where it starts and ends. Its life and death, light and shadow coexist at the same time.

People in these cities think that we can find ourselves if we escape from the country and leave home. But when you are in a barren desert, you will feel so lonely and helpless! We imagined the desolation in the desert, the fragility of human beings are beyond our control. So cherish the present, because being alive is a miracle in itself.