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Collection: Resort 2020

Today, the virtual world co-exists right alongside our reality.
Tomorrow, we wonder what our future will look like. Is the age of transhumanism upon us already?
These dystopian sci-fi experiences are the fashion sensations of the moment, and thus the genderless and borderless stylings of this imagined society is born. Sporty feminine details, glowing fluorescents and silver sprayed pieces are deliberately contrasted with elegant tweeds and sequins, creating a disruptive tableau of layered dissonances, which in turn achieves a subversive harmony. The idea of this collection was to mix up the urban woman’s everyday uniform with a kind of brutal romanticism. Hefty layers of tulle assemble with logo-emblazoned high-neck tops. Exaggerated pinstriped shoulders and bold neon hues go hand-in-hand with easy-to-wear taffeta skirts and tiered dresses. A daring red patent coat is tempered with a soft ruched dress. The line-up of hyper-stylized evening looks is a cornerstone in our collection. A collection that documents our self-discovery as sister designers, whose exploration of identity is being played out in digital real time, compelling as ever.

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  • Maglifestyle Neon Ruched Top
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