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The Oriental Beauty is Timeless

Transcending times and trends, qipao brings a rich heritage to the modern world of fashion. RSVP Clothing brings the classic favorite in a range of contemporary materials and elevated details. Showcasing gorgeous floral prints inspired by Chinese culture, our form-fitting qipaos are crafted from stretch cotton, lace, and silk jacquards that are comfortable to wear.



Be Charmed by the elegance and beauty of the Sprouting Prosperity Qipao.

Looking Young and sweet with our Plum Blossom printed qipao.


This brocade qipao is made of silk, luxury and soft to wear. This short floral qipao with round neck and knee length can lengthen your body figure.

Feel empowered and confident with our Awakening Spring Qipao.



Lace Qipao dress cut in the form-accentuating silhouette is the picture of fashion decadence. Wear it to the Chinese New Year party and stand out immediately. The dress will especially be an instant-magnet to those who adore intricate lace fabric which looks rather heavenly from where we looking at.