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Sasha Ignatiadou - Illustrator Artists Stories

Artist collaborations influence has risen. This year Maglifestyle x Sasha Ignatiadou has launched on one of our Spring 2020 collection, introducing a young generation artist and creative:


Sasha Ignatiadou is an artist and illustrator based in Germany at the age of 25. Originally she's from Russia, North Caucasus. She graduated academy of architecture and art, Rostov on don, 2011. 


The main themes and motives for her works are the female figures, surrounded by floral ornaments and the main concept is beauty. At the moment she's working intuitively and all the illustrations that she creates are rather an emotion that her try to show. Sasha said "I like to work in a calm, relaxed state, so I do not hurry to release one work per day. It usually takes quite a long time to develop a sketch and to choose the color scheme. Creating an illustration is like meditation - the process is more important than the result. After creating a sketch I transfer it to a clean sheet and work in color."


She draws on a variety of techniques: acrylic and watercolor illustrations, oil painting and digital art.
See more of her work on her Instagram. 
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