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“Neon Celebrity Malaysia” – Celebrities Embracing the Neon Trend 2020

When it comes to fashion trends, not everything works for everyone. Even if it looks incredible on pictures, sometimes, it's not the easiest to rock on a normal day. And one of the boldest fashion trends these days is the neon look which can come off as intimidating to pull off.

Styling it in real life takes a lot of courage and effort to be able to carry it with utmost confidence. But whether you love it or hate it, neon is coming back, and it looks like it's here to stay. And in case you need a little more nudge to finally wear these highlighter hues, here’s we give you to see how celebs like Ayda Jebat, Reen Rahim and many more are slaying this trend!


1) Ayda Jebat 




 Ayda Jebat wearing Neon Tops from Maglifestyle performing her song 'Nakal Nakal Nakal' at #MMM2019 @minggumuzikmalaysia

2) Zara Zya



Zara Zya become cover girls Majalah Nona in conjunction opening for 2020.


3) Ika Nabila



Ika Nabella wearing Neon tops & stripe jacket from Maglifestyle for #DiorCaptureTotale at The Gardens Mall.

4. Ruhainies



Ruhainies wearing Neon Tops & skirt from Maglifestyle.


5. Reen Rahim



Reen Rahim wear Neon Tops & pants from Maglifestyle at My Awesome TV Malaysia.



Reen Rahim wear neon tulle dress from Maglifestyle at #eh20tahun EH Malaysia!


6Elfaeza Ul Haq

Elfaeza Ul Haq wears jacket & neon tops from Maglifestyle At Birds of Prey Movie Premiere. (Harley Quinn HALAL)

7. Anjoe Koh


Anjoe Koh at The Garden Mall for Prada Kiosk opening. 

8. Wani Kayrie



Wani Kayrie wear outfit from top to toe from Maglifestyle for performing at Dance Dansing 2020.


9. Mawar Rashid


Mawar Rashid wears neon printed top & neon skirt from Maglifestyle at product launching (Asyallie #LOVELiEEMagnificient2020).