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Women's Day - What is your fashion style? #EachforEqual

International Women's Day (IWD) is celebrated annually on March 8. The day has been long celebrated since 1991. It can be celebrated everywhere. Gloria Steinem, a writer, a well-known woman once said: "The story of women's struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights." 

The theme for International Women’s Day 2020 is #EachForEqual, with gender equality as a global issue at its forefront. The campaign slogan says it all: “An equal world is an enabled world.” So make International Women's Day by doing something that can positively impact women and what better way to do that than in fashion style?


What is your fashion style?

1. Mum's style

The ultimate inspiration when it comes to juggling like a pro. This girl also a Mum manages her household and workplace, all her wanting is stylish. 





Nothing speaks comfort-chic like a lovely pair of culottes. They’re fashionable and will flatter your new curves well! can be paired with any tighter fitting top of your choice — like a graphic printed top #MAGxSasha will look younger.




Breastfeeding and suffering from sore boobs? Embrace your body’s changes in a cinched top. This stripe polka top accentuates your slim waist yet is still loose-fitting — perfect for all you moms out there!



2. Fashionista Work Wear

This is one woman who is busy in the day and has just as many social engagements in the evening. Her style: an outfit that can take her from day to night. 

Jumpsuits are one of the most underrated types of women’s apparel. Slipping into a one-piece is definitely easier to handle in the early morning. This strap jumpsuit is comfortable, fresh and has a suitable cut that’s office-appropriate. Make sure you have a pretty lipstick to swipe on before heading out for the night.




Besides jumpsuits, a bodycon dress can is also a flattering fashionista choice. Adhere to some guidelines and they can make appropriate office wear too! Simply make sure that the length of your dress is knee-length and stick with safe colours and prints. It allows you to flaunt and celebrate your curves – perfect for International Women’s Day! 



3. Minimalist Wear

Less is more for this minimalist girl. Her style: essential high-quality pieces that are versatile enough to be paired with everything else in her wardrobe.

A minimalist fashion style is probably one of the hardest styles to pull off. The challenge lies in mixing and matching the apparel in various combinations while keeping the overall look clean and classic. This cotton shirt & knit top shirt paired with a long pants or button pencil skirt is the epitome of minimalist fashion.

4. Athletic girl

This girl takes work and working out to the next level!. Her style: sports luxe pieces that are chic enough for work but can take her straight to the gym. 

If you’re keen to get started on a lunchtime workout routine, why not dress in an athleisure fashion or activewear to work — but make sure you’re not breaking any office attire rules! However, when you’re hitting those reps in the gym, feel free to tie it up so it doesn’t get in the way! These printed legging can be worn into work! 





5. Vibrant style

A vibrant fashion style is reserved for the lady who wants to say “Hey, look at ME, world!” This energetic and intense fashion style typically features garments with wild patterns and exaggerated embroidery as well as asymmetrical designs and tons of colors. Most of her wardrobe will be lined with super light and pastel colors that draw the attention of everyone’s eyes, no matter where it’s worn.



6. Elegent Style

With the elegant fashion style, refinement and glamour is key. The woman with this type of fashion style won’t step foot outside without looking her best, and pays close attention to creating a wardrobe filled head to toe with the most glamorous and classy pieces. She is a lover of all things that dazzle and wouldn’t be caught without her diamonds and jewels, as well as a very stunning outfit that makes heads turn. She’s the perfect combination of sophisticated and sexy!