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Colour Pop Trend

Brights have been in our feeds and on the streets for a while and not going away anytime soon.Pop colours reminding us that the future is full of lively,energetic and brighter.Either you love pop colour or in tone,one thing for sure,in things and a must have in a 2022 wardrobe. Here’s the pop colours garment and accessories that we are featuring.It is indeed the statement piece that you have to really go for now!Wear these pop colours' garments to make your spring more seasonal!Go and pick your fashionable items without hesitation!

Green bee colour

This green bee colour has a more saturated, rich tone with enhanced visual impact.This kind of green saturation is very high, and it may be a little difficult for some girls to try it for the first time.Therefore,you can start with earrings.The orange layered dress that stands out can definitely become one of the highlights of your whole outfit and look.And this green can really adapt to many occasions, can be formal and casual, it is a "treasure colour" that cannot be missed.



Spring is almost here and you guys surely want to dress fashionably and refreshingly.Hence,MAG is going to recommend the new colour tone which is sky blue for everyone.Speaking of sky blue, this is the "new favourite" colour of many celebrities and KOL recently.The colour is considered as refreshing and high-end.It instantly makes people feel as if the cool summer has arrived.


Neon Pink

The most basic neon trend is the "fluorescent trend". If some people can’t really handle the whole outfit with neon colours.Then,you should try to mix and match to create a different style and taste.For example,you could mix and match with a simple vest,white tee or even a blazer. So that,it will not be too much for you and it will become a highlight for your outfit.Colourful earrings can keep up with the fashion trend,it could make your outfit more versatile and changeable.By adding this neon pink statement piece will highlight your personal style.