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Checks & Stripes

All of us want to be fashion-forward, but more often than not, we stay within our comfort zone and play it safe when it comes to our wardrobe choices. But the real fun is in breaking these rules. One of the most prevalent and most hated of those are the checks & stripes mix. It can be tricky but it’s a great way to add a dimension, texture, and visual interest to whatever you’re wearing. Mixing it will make your clothing more personal and stand out. If done correctly, the two patterns look absolutely AMAZING together!

So here are some tips on how to pull them off this season.


1. Match Palette, not pattern

Start by colors that goes well together, you can never go wrong with navy and white.


2. Spread your patterns out across your outfit

It’s not that you can’t wear a stripped top pair with a check skirt. You totally can. But if you feel like your outfit is getting a little busy, try distributing your prints more evenly by doing one on the top and one on the bottom or one on the left and one on the right.

 Pinstripe Pants (White)

 Pinstripe Pants (Black)


3. Keep it similar

This is no rule but it’s safer to keep the size of the stripes & checks around the same size. which means, big stripes with big checks and vice versa. If you still want to combine both, try to have majority stripe and a minor check or the other way.


 Pinstripe Jumpsuit (White)

 Pinstripe Jumpsuit (Black)


4. Plain Top / Bottom

This is widely worn by anyone as you can pull it off with any prints, you can style with a plain top with a printed bottom or printed top with a plain bottom and vice versa.


 Pinstripe Drape Skirt (White)

 Pinstripe Drape Skirt (Black)


5. Go all out

Be daring and try to wear a full stripe or full check outfit. 



 Pinstripe Dress (White)

 Pinstripe Dress (Black)